Ronaldo announced not to return to the European club

Cristiano Ronaldo is adamant that he would not play football in Europe again because he believes he can increase interest in Saudi Arabian sport.The Saudi Arabian league is superior to the one in the United States. It’s 100%. According to what Cristiano Ronaldo was cited as saying by the Daily Mail, that is the truth. The Portuguese superstar is a member of the Al Nassr team that competes in the Saudi Arabian league right now. In the meantime, Lionel Messi has signed a contract to play for Inter Miami in the United States.

The striker, who is 38 years old, is confident that he is the most important factor in increasing the attractiveness of the Saudi competition. Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante are just two examples of the European superstars that have been signed by the clubs in this West Asian nation. A number of players who were at the pinnacle of their careers moved to Saudi Arabia as well.

It has been announced that Ronaldo will not be returning to play in any European leagues.It has been announced that Ronaldo will not be returning to play in any European leagues.

Within the next year, a significant number of the world’s best players will relocate to Saudi Arabia. Turkey and the Netherlands will be passed by the time this competition is done. I estimate that this will take a year, although it should just take half a year.

I am fully aware that this will take place. The league was already in disarray when I arrived in Italy. Cristiano arrives and immediately begins to build momentum. I am certain that it will. The superstar from Portugal added that he was responsible for paving the path for other players to join the Saudi Arabia league now that he has established the league.

Ronaldo also declared that he will not compete in any leagues in Europe in the foreseeable future. Since he has only been with Al Nassr for a third of the season, he has not yet won a championship with the Saudi national team. Despite this, Ronaldo is still focused on achieving victory over this obstacle.

“I can say with complete and utter conviction that I will not go back to playing for European clubs,” he said. I do not intend to travel back to Europe. That door can no longer be entered.

I am 38 years old at this point. The level of play in European football is exceptionally high. The Premier League is the only league that performs better than the others combined. The quality of play in the Spanish league is not up to that standard. I also believe that the German league experienced a significant deterioration. There is no way that I will ever go back to Europe. I want to play in Saudi Arabia,” Ronaldo added.