Joselu performs a wonderful reverse bike kick for Real Madrid against United

The great player Joselu scored an incredible goal with a bicycle kick during the preseason friendly match between Real Madrid and Manchester United. The match was between the two teams. Real Madrid and Manchester United were the two teams competing in the match.

As the game’s waning minutes neared, Real Madrid found themselves in a commanding 1-0 lead thanks to an outstanding finish from their 33-year-old forward. The game was getting down to its final few minutes at that point in time.

Lucas Vasquez traversed the field after collecting the ball on the right wing and played a ball that floated behind the defense to where Joselu was standing all by himself.

After the ball became uncontrollable in the air, Joselu did the necessary acrobatics to volley the ball past Andre Onana and into the back of the net.

Even supporters of United who didn’t want to applaud the goal couldn’t help themselves after it was scored.

As a result of that performance, Espanyol has decided to loan Joselu back to Real Madrid for the duration of the season, and the supporters couldn’t be more thrilled about it.


Another person commented, “I wasn’t familiar with your game, Joselu.”

Another person observed, “Joselu, what a goal.”

A third individual made a funny remark in which they said, “What a goal by Joselu, and as an honest Madrid fan, I can tell you that we don’t need Mbappe.”