Kylian Mbappe’s fairy tale: From a ‘shy’ boy who grew up in poverty ‘in the suburbs of France’ to a coveted £604M fortune

HE’S one of the greatest footballers of our time and strikes fear into the hearts of defenders thanks to his ability to sprint like Usain Bolt. 

Now Kylian Mbappé, 24, could become the highest-paid sports star of all time as part of a record-breaking £259million transfer deal.


Kylian Mbappé could become the world’s highest-paid footballerCredit: Getty


If the French striker accepts the Saudi offer, it’s reported he could earn up to £11.6million a week (pictured as a teen)Credit: Offside Sports

The French striker may move from Paris Saint-German to Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal after an offer was accepted by the club.

It would see him make an eye-watering £11.6m per week as part of a £604m deal for just one year at the club, according to CBS Sport’s James Benge.

The staggering sum is worlds away from his 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥hood in the Paris suburb of Bondy, renowned for “violence and drugs”, where a giant mural of the star now stands with the slogan “ville des possibles” – “the town where anything is possible”.

Prior to the Saudi offer, Mbappé was already worth a whopping £144million and doesn’t shy away from enjoying living the high life.

From owning an £8.5million luxury pad with views of the Eiffel Tower to amassing a £1.2million car collection, we look at his glam life and the difficult start he left behind.

Born to immigrant parents – his mum Fayza Lamari is of Algerian descent and his dad Wilfried Mbappé descends from Cameroon – Mbappé grew up in a town notorious for its riots.

In 2005, when Mbappé was five, violent protests against police harassment saw angry youths torch cars, attack cops and vandalise buildings.

When Bleacher report visited in 2017, it reported the working-class area still has high crime rates and the unemployment rate is double the national average, but locals say things are improving.

A mural in Bondy pays tribute to its footballing legendCredit: Getty

One optimistic resident Elfilali Ahmed said: “When I used to tell people I was from Bondy, they would ask about the violence and drug use. Now, they all ask me about Kylian Mbappé and if I know him.”

Another resident who lives in a block of flats yards from the one Mbappé grew up in told the Mirror: “What he has achieved is a great inspiration for 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren around here.

“Life in Bondy is sometimes hard and he is showing them there is a way out of what can be a dark place.”

Mbappé has put his success down to practice and determination.

“In football, everything is possible through hard work and I think that has been important,” he told beIN Sports last year.

“I’ve always believed in myself and I knew I was capable of doing great things. It isn’t just about desire and wanting to succeed, you must work hard.”

£8.5m luxury pad


Inside Mbappé’s luxury Paris apartment, which boasts a basketball courtCredit: Instagram

These days Mbappé lives in a luxurious £8.5million multi-floor apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine, an exclusive Paris neighbourhood loved by celebrities which boasts views of the Eiffel Tower.

Mbappé has remained tight-lipped about what his home is like, but it’s believed to have 12 bedrooms, a basketball court, library, gym and Turkish bath.

It’s also believed to have an outdoor jacuzzi perfect for relaxing and gazing at the Eiffel Tower.

£1.2m cars


Mbappé owns many high-end vehicles but cannot driveCredit: Instagram

The sports star’s most expensive vehicle is a Ferrari 488 Pista, worth £450,000Credit: Getty

Over the years Mbappé has owned an enviable array of beautiful cars – despite being unable to drive.

He rationed that having “drivers at my disposal” meant it had “never been a priority” to get his driving licence.

His jaw-dropping vehicles include a Ferrari Hybrid SF90 Stradale, which he bought for £400,000 – one week’s salary.

The striker also boasts a Ferrari 488 Pista that goes from 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and costs an estimated £450,000.

Among Mbappé’s collection are several more practical vehicles including a seven-seater Mercedes Benz V-Class, which cost around £115,000.

He also has a £103,000 Volswagen Touareg, a £65,000 Wolkswagen Multivan and a Volkswagen Tiguan worth £49,000. also claims he owns a BMW, an Audi and a range rover – but no details regarding what models have been released.

Designer clobber

Mbappé fell in love with trainers after getting his first pair of Nike Air Max 1sCredit: Instagram / @k.mbappe

He has a range of expensive pairs including high-tops from a Dior-Nike collaborationCredit: Getty

Mbappé is a self-confessed “sneakerhead” – someone with a love for trainers – and admitted having a “small collection” in a 2018 interview with Hype Beast.

The footballer said the shoes brought him “real pleasure” and described himself as “like a kid with a new toy” whenever he gets a new pair.

He added: “I’ve always been a sneaker lover, so it’s a pleasure to buy new pairs and mix them with my clothes to flex a little.”

In a 2019 Complex video, Mbappé forked out £935 for two pairs of trainers – Air Max 90 Ice in ‘Gym red’ and Jordan XI ‘Parton’ in blue.

He revealed he fell in love with the footwear after his mum saved up to buy him a pair of Nike Air Max 1s.

Describing them as the “apple of my eye” he said he “cleaned them every day”.

The footballer’s other favourite trainers include neon yellow Air Jordan 1 Gatorade due to their “flashy colour”. He also professed love for Air Jordan 5 PSGs and high-top Air Jordan 1s.

Jetset holidays


While Mbappé is relatively private, he enjoys sharing snaps from his lush holidaysCredit: Instagram

The footballer is snapped flying on a private jetCredit: Instagram / @k.mbappe


When Mbappé’s not enjoying the views from his beautiful Paris home, he’s known to love holidaying abroad.

Just last month he was spotted playing paddle tennis with friends on Miami’s South Beach in Florida.

Mbappé was also snapped playing a game of Jenga with two bikini-clad women.


It’s not the only holiday he’s taken this year, with the star being pictured during a trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

Spanish newspaper Mundo reportivo reported Mbappé was joined by France teammate Eduardo Camavinga and other real Madrid stars during multiple trips.

Mbappé regularly shares photos of himself on private jets and at envy-inducing locations including a remote temple, beside a beautiful cove and in high-end hotels.


Just a few of the other spots he has visited have included Disney Land Paris, Cameroon and New York.

The French strikes is also close pals with Basketball star LeBron JamesCredit: Instagram / @k.mbappe


Mbappé appears to be good friends with ex-England ace David BeckhamCredit: Instagram / @k.mbappe

The sports star isn’t just popular on the pitch, but off it too, boasting a number of A-list pals including basketball legend LeBron James, who he collaborated with for the Nike footwear range ‘Chosen 2’.

For the collaboration, Mbappé co-designed football boots for the clothing giant, which cost £250 a pair, were named Mercurial Superfly and were black with an iridescent finish.

It seemed he and James hit it off as they have been pictured together multiple times since including once while exchanging shirt.

Mbappé also has a wealth of admirers from the footballing world including David Beckham, Theirry Henry and the late great Pele.

£150k watch stash

Mbappé holding a £48,900 Hublot Integrated King Gold watchCredit: Instagram / @k.mbappe

It’s not just trainers that Mbappé appears to have an eye for – he has a thing for extremely expensive watches boasting a collection worth nearly £150,000.

During the FIFA World Cup last year he was seen posing with a £48,900 Hublot Big Bang King Gold.

Mbappé has also sported a number of other timepieces from the brand including Big Bang Steel Diamonds, which cost £16,100, and the Unico Titanium rainbow, which cost £59,900.

The most expensive he’s been pictured wearing in public to date was a Big Bang Unico, which costs up to £65,161.

Generous star

While he lives a privileged lifestyle, Mbappé hasn’t forgotten his roots and is known for generously giving away large sums of his vast wealth.


The Sun reported he donated his 2018 World Cup match fees and bonuses – roughly £400,000 – to a 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren’s charity.

The following year Mbappé donated £25,000 to help fund a private search for the footballer Emiliano Sala after his plane vanished while travelling from Nantes to Cardiff.

Sadly, the striker’s body and the aircraft wreckage were discovered in the English Channel one month after he disappeared in February 2019.

Mbappé was also reported to have made a “very large” donation to homelessness charity Abbe Pierre Foundation.

In a 2021 statement the organisation thanked him for his generosity that would help with “first aid actions, access to water and hygiene”.

Mbappé even launched his own charity, Inspired by KM, in 2020 and supports 98 disadvantaged 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren in Paris “until their working lives begin”.