Lionel Messi – Alba recreated the ‘classic’ goal that made the Bernabeu bridge silent in MLS

With the same formula, Lionel Messi and Jordi Alba make opponents helpless because of their incredible understanding.

In the 6th minute in the game Dallas and Inter Miami, David Beckham’s team rose to the ball rhythmically. The ball was pushed down the left wing for Jordi Alba to cross.

The Spanish defender did not pass the ball across the goal, but he decided to return it to the back.

Right at the edge of the penalty area, Lionel Messi jumped up and created a dangerous heart attack aimed at the bottom corner of the goal.

Supported by his familiar teammate Alba, Messi continues to communicate in Miami colors.

Then, he also scored from a free-kick, thereby dragging the game to a penalty shootout. Messi is one of the names that successfully helped Miami beat Dallas.


There are many similarities between Messi’s first goal and the moment he silenced the Bernabeu bridge in the 2016/17 season.

At that time, at the end of the game when the score was 2-2, Alba maintained the habit of going up to receive the ball from his teammates.

The star born in 1988 understands every move of Messi, so he puts the ball back.

Messi, due to his feet, created a finish to beat Keylor Navas. The whole scene of this goal is identical to the scenario that Alba assists Messi to score Dallas this morning.

The fact that Messi and Alba are so compatible after years of playing football at Barca will help Miami in finding the way to the opponent’s goal.