Overwhelmed with the talent of Ronaldo’s son earns more than 150 million / week by signing a contract with Man Utd

Ronaldo Junior, the oldest son of Cristiano Ronaldo, signed a pricey contract to play with the Man Utd U11 squad.

The status of Gabriel Reyes-Flores’ Instagram post featuring Ronaldo Jr. holding a Manchester United jersey read: “It’s nice that my contract signing day has finally arrived.When I can accomplish this with Ronaldo Jr., my teammate, the day is even better.Additionally, this is the young Ronaldo’s first professional contract.

Ronaldo Jr followed his father to Manchester to play. If Ronaldo joined the Man Utd first team last summer, Ronaldo Jr also made it to the Man Utd academy team from the beginning of September until now, before offici ally signing with the U12 team.


Ronaldo Jr also chose the number 7 shirt like his fa ther, while Gabriel was given the number 10 shirt.

According to ESPN, Ronaldo’s son earns a salary of 5,000 pounds a week (about 153.9 million VND a week). This is an impressive number for a U11 player like Ronaldo Jr.

While playing for Juventus U9, his son Ronaldo soon made quite an impression. According to Football Talent Scout statistics, Ronaldo Jr has scored a total of 58 goals and assisted 18 times in 28 games.

In the U11 Man Utd team, Ronaldo Jr will be teammates with Gabriel and Kai Rooney (son of Wayne Rooney) and Filip (son of Matic). Both players have parted ways with Man Utd.

In the Netflix documentary about his girlfriend Georgina, Ronaldo shared: “I never pressured my son (to be a footballer). I will listen to the will of the boy. What I want to do is make him happy with his choices. I will support it.”