Wales World Cup Sensation Draws Inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo, Mimicking His Celebration

Wales Rugby World Cup Star Louis Rees-Zammit Draws Inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo, Emulating His Celebration

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Louis Rees-Zammit continues to shine for Wales in the Rugby World Cup, scoring in every victory and paying homage to Cristiano Ronaldo with his celebration.

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Wales, the home nation, maintained their flawless record in the Rugby World Cup, securing a late bonus point try, despite a less-than-convincing performance. Rees-Zammit, the Gloucester winger, opened the scoring and remains a standout performer in Warren Gatland’s squad.

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Having burst onto the scene a few years ago, Rees-Zammit is one of Wales’ most formidable offensive threats. He scored in their opening match against Fiji, and in the recent game, he showed his admiration for Ronaldo by replicating the football star’s famous celebration.

Rugby World Cup star Louis Rees-Zammit channels inner-Cristiano Ronaldo  after scoring try against Portugal | talkSPORT

Rees-Zammit humorously admitted, “Ronaldo is my favorite player. I even wear his boxers and dress like him. So, I thought, why not do his celebration as well?”

Louis Rees-Zammit unleashes his inner Cristiano Ronaldo as Wales labour to  bonus-point Portugal win

Rees-Zammit revealed that some of his friends back home, who are avid football fans, were eager for him to perform Ronaldo’s celebration, especially against the country where Ronaldo has made 201 appearances and scored 123 goals. “A few of my mates back home wanted me to do it. They’re massive football fans, and obviously, we don’t play Portugal very often,” he added. “So I said if I scored, I’d do it for them. I saw there was no one in the backfield, so I put a grubber through, and thankfully, I got the bounce.”

Louis Rees-Zammit copies Cristiano Ronaldo in Wales' win over Portugal as  the winger performs the star's iconic celebration... and admits he wears  his boxers! | Daily Mail Online

“Rees-Zammit has scored 11 tries in his 29 caps for Wales, a period during which the team has faced its fair share of challenges. Warren Gatland’s return has brought renewed hope, although Wales only secured one victory in their five Six Nations matches earlier this year.

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However, with two consecutive wins in their opening World Cup games, they find themselves in a favorable position to advance from their pool, even though their spot in the quarter-finals is not guaranteed. Their upcoming match against Australia, who suffered a loss to Fiji in their last outing, presents a significant challenge. A victory for Eddie Jones’ team would result in every team in the pool having experienced one defeat.

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Rees-Zammit commented on the upcoming challenge, saying, ”We are aware that we have a lot to learn, and when facing Australia, we need to elevate our performance. Confidence is high with two wins. And when you don’t secure perfect wins, there’s always room for improvement, and that’s a positive aspect.”

Rugby World Cup star Louis Rees-Zammit channels inner-Cristiano Ronaldo  after scoring try against Portugal | talkSPORT