Klay Thompson can thrive in his sixth man role for the Warriors by looking at the example set by Manu Ginobili

For the last eleven years, Klay Thompson has led the Warriors into every game.

In the team’s last game before to the All-Star break, it was altered. In a 140-137 victory against the Jazz, Thompson scored a career-high 35 points as the first player off the bench. For the time being at least, Brandin Podziemski, a promising youngster, will continue to be benched.

“It’s not a permanent thing,” Kerr said after the game. “Klay adds a lot of firepower to our lineup off the bench. After taking a quick look at it, we’ll see where it goes.

What is the reason for Klay Thompson’s benching?

This year, Thompson has fallen short of his lofty expectations. His shooting percentage and scoring have decreased, he has made terrible shot choices, and his defense has deteriorated to the point where he can only cover slower forwards these days.

Klay Thompson  Golden State Warriors
With Podziemski starting in Thompson’s stead, the Warriors have likewise been unstoppable, outscoring opponents by an astounding 26.5 points per 100 possessions. When the team defeated the Jazz, Kerr said it was “by far our best lineup.”

“BP makes the game work. He does certain things that really assist the other players, and he rebounds,” Kerr said.

Despite Podziemski’s superior fit, there were hints that Thompson’s position was about to alter. Earlier in the month, he had been left out of the closing lineup.

He revealed to Anthony Slater of The Athletic in a video that went viral how tough the adjustment was psychologically for him.
Thompson looked like he was in anguish as he spoke such things.

A few weeks later, when behind 126-123 with 39 seconds remaining in a game against the Clippers, Thompson committed a critical error that made matters worse. Following the play, Kerr was clearly upset, and Thompson disregarded Steph Curry’s attempts to comfort him by giving him a high five.

In the Warriors’ subsequent game, Thompson was benched without protest.

“I really deserved it,” Thompson said to the press. “I didn’t respond to not playing at the end of the game well last night.”

Klay Thompson's New Role: A Testament to Resilience and Adaptability
The good news for Thompson and the Warriors alike is that it seems that a bench position might spark a new chapter in his career. In his first visit, he was outstanding.
Manu Ginobili may serve as an example for Klay Thompson on how to succeed as a sixth man.

Thompson has discovered that it is becoming more difficult to acquire shots inside the offensive flow when he is positioned next to superior scoring possibilities. However, he excelled when plays were made especially for him when he was a substitute.

Even now, Thompson is a superb move shooter. He served as the focal point for the Warriors’ season-high scoring output in that capacity. Kris Dunn, who will be selected to the All-Defensive team at the conclusion of the season, had his hands full attempting to slow down the scorching Thompson, so it’s not like he was being guarded by a bum either. Bravo to the seasoned player for taking this path and employing Jazz center Walker Kessler as an additional screener.